The tools to succeed 🔧
Here you find some of our functions to use on VOYD to succeed in your business. ItÂŽs your rules. And you decide how to work.
You own 100% of your material

First of all, we just want to clarify. You hold the rights to your material. You decide the price, availability to your viewers, and for how long you want your content for sale. We are just the platform who make this possible for you.

Fixed price or Pay What You Can
Here you can either go with a fixed price or let your viewers choose what they’re able and willing to pay with "Pay what you can".
Sell PPW or do membership
The unique thing with VOYD is that you can both sell ​​videos individually, bundle several into one package, or/and start a membership service where your viewers subscribe to your channel.
Sell to the whole world
We have several local payment solutions, such as Klarna, Sofort ApplePay, MobilePay, Swish, Vipps, cards and more. Which allows anyone in the world to buy and stream your content easily!
Customer lists from purchasing customers

You can directly communicate with your buying customers via their email addresses.
With a simple click, you can, for example, inform previous buyers that you have uploaded new material.
Or maybe send them separate files, materials etc.

Upload video and audio

Yes here you can upload both media items and they are clearly separated on your channel.
Perfect for you who may be both a podcaster and a YouTuber.
And of course your buyers can listen from their mobile phone with the screen off.

Streaming at VOYD
Landscape and portrait mode

Yep! We got you covered!
We love possibilities, so just choose how you want your videos.
Mpeg, mp4, mov and so on. You know all those common formats. They work here too.

Create package
Here you can create package offers and bundle several videos together at different package prices to increase your sales.
Create discount codes
You can also create discount codes for each separate content. Perfect for boosting, running a campaign or for a sale.
Create voucher codes
A voucher code unlocks the entire video and is perfect to send at competitions, to friends who can help spread the word, journalists, etc.
Membership for followers

On VOYD you can start a membership service directly and let your viewers subscribe to your channel.
There are no requirements that you must have sold enough or need to be approved. You can just get started right away.
Create your own community with the most dedicated fans, and you decide what should be included!

Comments VOYD
No trolls in comments

On VOYD your followers need to purchase your content before they can comment on it.
And you can also choose, on each individual piece of content, whether it should be possible to comment or notStart *a free channel* today!. This way we eliminate the trolls and you can set the rules.

Easy and secure payment

Anyone can use VOYD, regardless of whether you are a private person or run a business.
If you use us as a private individual, you need to be aware of your tax situation and when you cross the border to need to start a business or invoice via a freelance company.

If you have a company, you just fill in your organization number or you can, for example, register via our partner service Gigapay for freelance invoicing.
Then just approve your sale, once a month, and your money will arrive in your account within about ten days!

Start a free channel today!
Your material. Your income. Your rules. Are you ready? 🚀